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Aims and Objectives
  • Improvement of types and methods of work with the disabled;
  • Broadening the sphere of communication between the disabled; 
  • Development of intellectual and creative abilities;
  • Approbation of new approaches to the activities of the social organizations for the disabled; 
  • Attracting the attention of the mass-media and society in general to the problems in education for the disabled.

The final stage of the contest will be carried out by the 

social organization for the rehabilitation of the disabled youth "Optimist”.

The Participants

The contest participants are disabled females from 16 to 30 years old with outer forms of disability (e. g. eyes or limbs problems). In case of inner disability the doctor permission must be obtained. People with mental disabilities are not allowed to participate.

The Applications for the contest:

The applications for the contest can be sent by mail to: Mayakovskogo St. 77, Tyumen, Russia, 625005
or mailed electronically: optimist2002@rambler.ru.


Any questions can be answered by phone: 

(007) -905-825-61-60, (007)-906-824-24-54

The participants should have a passport and any documents 

officially proving them as people with a disability.

Dates and location

The contest will take place from December 20 to December 24 2010 in the tourist center "Uyzhniy” and the final stage at the central building of circus. The applications are welcome in any form until December 1.

Only those who will have been registered by the organization "Optimist” are going to participate in the contest, so please, be sure that you send your application in advance.


All the expenses for dwelling and food will be taken by the accepting party.


The purchase of any kind of tickets to the place of the contest and back is a responsibility of the participants.

Panel of Judges

The self-demonstration and the answers of the participants will be evaluated by the panel of judges consisting of 5 or more people. The contest will consist of 3 show sessions.

The Procedures

The 1st round: VISIT CARD. The participants briefly introduce themselves. A job, studying, free time activities, hobbies etc may be included. This round has no any strict requirements upon the contents. Time limit is 1-2 minutes.


Participants may sing a song, recite an abstract from a literary work, present a piece of clothes belonging to non-traditional fashion (this must be self-made from everyday materials such as paper, foil etc.), humorous performance: anything according to the wish of the participant. The way of performing is up to the participant. This only should be self-prepared at home.

The 3rd round: the BUSINESS WOMAN. This is an intellectual part where the participant answers the questions from a master of ceremony or the panel of judges. In this part all participants must be in a costume.

The schedule on December 19-21, 2010

December 19, 2010
Arrival day
10-12 a.m. – Applications registration;
12-13 p.m. – Lunch;
13-15 p.m. – Photo session, body art;
15-17 p.m. – Preparation and the rehearsal of the participants;
17-18 p.m. – Dinner;
19-22 p.m. – Working meeting (organizers, attendants).

December 20, 2010
09-10 a.m. – Breakfast
10-12 a.m. – Rehearsal of the participants;
13-15 p.m. – Photo session, body art;
14-00 p.m. – Lunch break;
15-00 p.m. – Preparation for the intellectual contest;
18-00 p.m. – Dinner

December 21, 2010
09-00 a.m. – Breakfast
10-12 a.m. – Final preparations, rehearsals;
12-00 a.m. – Lunch;
13-14 p.m. – Photo session, body art;
14-00 p.m. – Departure from the tourist center to Tuymen.
17-00 p.m. – Performance of participants at Tuymen theatre.

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